thatdankhammondlover: Have any of you actually wondered what you would do if you met Richard…


Have any of you actually wondered what you would do if you met Richard Hammond?

A lot of you have some crazy, weird and wonderful ideas. However I would like to do a kind of survey, read on…

Lets set the scene…

Let’s say you were going to a party somewhere in London, it’s a big event of some sort to do with The Grand Tour. You know Richard is going to be there, you go with a friend and drift apart throughout the night, you knew that would happen eventually. You meet Richard, you talk, you both have similar interests and he ACTUALLY LIKES YOU, HE SAYS IT BLAITENTLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, the words have escaped his mouth…

“You know I actually like you…” He smiles.

Richard and you are NOT drunk however you have both had a few to drink. Richard will do ANYTHING. ABSOUBTLY ANYTHING YOU WANT HIM TO DO. Pick one of the following scenarios, what would you do?:

1) Full on lunge at Richard and smash your lips against his, you make out passionately ALL night and it’s the best kiss you’ve ever had in your life with the perfect man but you never see each other again afterwards.

2) laugh adorabley and say “I like you too” to make him fall for you that little bit more, and share a loving kiss at the end of the night, you exchange phone numbers and ask to see each other again.

3) Take the matter outside, ask to go back to his place, you make out and it gets dirty in the bedroom department 😏 You wake up the next morning with him beside you but you’ll be late for work and will get a huge bollocking from your boss, possibly get fired from the job you worked so hard to get but you get to stay with Richard all day in bed.

4) Go outside and end up having sex in the car, it was really heated and passionate, you both agree it wasn’t a one off and it meant something, you claim you both love each other and he insists you stay with him. You end up staying with him forever and you never go back home, risking your job and family and friends back at home.

Reblog or comment with your decisions 😉

You know, I really met them (Jeremy and Richard) when they went to St Petersburg to shot series 22. Sadly, James wasn’t feel very well so he didn’t come out

And I can guarantee that when you see them you forgot everything you planned to say. You just stare at them and smile very stupidly

I only could say “can I have a photo?” and “I love top gear, thanks for coming to SPb”😂

But it was incredible and I’ll never forget it❤️