‘A lifetime ago on a car show in a Galaxy far-…

‘A lifetime ago on a car show in a Galaxy far-far away I reviewed the original Huracan…’

I don’t know why but at that exact moment I realised that I didn’t feel like there’s something wrong with TGT. 

Before I always had that bittersweet feeling. I think y’know what I mean. Like it’s not the same as TG was blah blah blah. But now I suddenly chanched my mind. After I had goosebumps by watching car-review on The Grand Tour. For the fisrt time.

This is so far one of the best episode in this season and, probably, of all TGT times. And I don’t want to be pretensious but… Maybe even of all time on Top gear.

So happy to have this feelings again. I just missed them so much. Missed my favourite show. My favoutire car show